Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I'm not tired, I just sleep

I am so glad that for the first time in three weeks (and only the second time since Sept 1) I don't have to get up early Thursday morning and go to the airport.

(I have to get up early Friday morning and go to the airport... but my interview portfolio is staying behind, because I don't think anyone at my college suitemate's wedding wants my resume.)

Anyway, I'm constantly busy but I feel like I'm not doing anything interesting. That's not totally true: I saw two excellent but incredibly different concerts last weekend. Beck was Saturday, and he was awesome, puppets and all. I've had "Devil's Haircut" in my head all afternoon and the concert was days ago. So entertaining on so many levels. Sunday was Ellis Paul, who played and played (and played), and while I might've preferred a shorter, more cohesive setlist, he was incredibly entertaining (and since Schuba's pours such excellent Guinness, I treated myself and the Boy to a couple rounds). But I'm just so behind in everything that it's hard to feel any great sense of accomplishment about anything, so I suppose I ought to go get something done this evening (like more research for my journal comment, or staring off into space, or whatever).

[Oh, and confidential to Rimbo: no, I haven't forgotten about your CD review. But the editors of the law school newspaper are also 2Ls, and my guess is that they're too busy to put out a full issue right now. As soon as I get word that they're taking submissions, I'll get on it, promise.]


Anonymous said...

Ellis Paul and Guinness? Your weekend was so much better than mine! I need to check the Schuba's calendar before I leave town again.

Justin Rimbo said...

Aw, thanks for not forgetting about me, Kat. You get to that whenever you have the chance.