Wednesday, February 28, 2007

standing in line to see the show tonight

So, the reason I toggled over to Blogger was to make sure you all knew about the upcoming Get Smart movie, which pleases this little fan to no end. And as a huge proponent of all things Steve Carell, I think he'll be excellent--but Anne Hathaway? Seriously? I don't care if she did flash her boobs in Brokeback--she is not mod enough for 99, no way (plus she has big chicklet teeth). Who would you pick instead?

In other news, I saw a fan-freaking-tastic Red Hot Chili Peppers show last night! Seriously, I don't care how old those guys are getting--they can still bring the rock. (Not The Rock; however in a weird twist of coincidence, he, too, will apparently be in Get Smart.) Flea, John Frusciante, and Chad Smith are all top musicians and Anthony Kiedis is an incredibly entertaining frontman--plus, I personally much prefer their newer catalog to their old stuff, so the fact that it was Californication, By the Way and Stadium Arcadium-heavy was not disappointing in the least. Somewhat disappointing, however, was the performance by opening act Gnarls Barkley, who seriously seemed disengaged from the whole thing. Maybe they've played "Crazy" one too many times? (Maybe they just need some new music, huh, boys? I've heard rumblings about a new album in the works.) Still, a thoroughly entertaining evening on the whole...

...except for chain-smoking dude in front of me, with total disregard of the fact that the venue was NON-SMOKING. This happens a lot at big shows: once the lights go down, the smokers figure they're safe and start lighting up. It pisses me off because I can't say anything to them--they're obviously devoid of any sense of moral propriety or they wouldn't be sneaking cigs in the first place. Plus, this guy was so obnoxiously drunk that he would probably have sneered at me and then blown smoke deliberately in my face for the rest of the night, which I definitely didn't need. No joke, though--he was practically lighting them one off the end of another. And I'm so exhausted today, and it's because I don't react well to secondhand smoke. It's like my body has to fight extra-hard to process that crap out of my system, so the usual amount of sleep just doesn't cut it. I hate smoking, and if you're lighting up in front of me, you can bet I'm judging you for it.

Make all the excuses you want, smokers, but someday you're going to want to quit. Or you'll die. It's that simple.


Cella Bella said...

I love Get Smart, and I stoked. Anne Hathaway is indeed an odd choice. You know who might have been good? Anna Faris. She can do the big eyes and the "Oh, Max."

Justin Rimbo said...

Hm. I'm with you on some things here, but not others.

Steve Carrell -- great choice.

Anne Hathaway. I dig her. Maybe because I'm a guy, and she has the pretty.

The musician portion of the RHCP are terrifically talented, and if they had an instrumental side project, I might like it, but . . .

Anthony Keidis drives me up a wall. Now that you've heard me sing, you know I'm not perfect, but he refuses obstinately to sing on pitch. Seriously. And I like their earlier stuff better. Maybe it was the drugs.

Second-hand smoke doesn't mix with me either. It gives me headaches and motion sickness. The weird part? I used to smoke. In college. Didn't bug me then.

Gnarls Barkley don't need any new music.

Just kidding. I just needed another No for symmetry's sake.

Krista said...

So my law-school-best-friend smokes, as you probably know, fairly heavily. During finals last semester - actually, once I left for winter break - I realized that I was actually having withdrawal from the second hand smoke. Who knew that it was that addictive? Also, YUCK.

Anonymous said...

you know what's worse than second hand smoke? it's working with someone who smokes for years. that stuff sticks to your skin like no other. you can smell that person coming a mile away. long time smokers stink. literally.

Anonymous said...

From one of the better Seinfeld episodes when Kramer opens a smokers' lounge in his apartment...

% Jerry's apartment. Kramer enters smoking.

Kramer: Hey buddy.

Jerry: Hey.

Kramer: Hey, you should come over. Tonight's pipe night.

Jerry: What? What happened to your face? It looks like an old catcher's mitt.

Kramer: What?

% Kramer checks it out.

Kramer: My face is all craggly, it's crinkly.

Jerry: It's from all that smoke. You've experienced a lifetime of smoking in 72 hours. What did you expect?

Kramer: Emphysema, birth defects, cancer. But not this. Jerry, my face is my livelihood. Everything I have I owe to this face.

Jerry: And your teeth, your teeth are all brown.

Kramer: Look away, I'm hideous.