Tuesday, April 25, 2006

leave all this misery behind

omg! Turin Brakes have been added to iTunes!

"Big deal," you say. "Who are they?" you say.

Well, truthfully, I don't really know. All I know is that two and a half years ago, I had the idea to do a 4-cd massive theme mix of seasonal songs, and even though summer songs are by far the easiest to come across, my anchor song, one that I'd been hearing constantly on 97X and kind of gave me the idea in the first place, was Turin Brakes's "Painkiller," whose chorus is "Summer rain, dripping down your face again, summer rain, praying someone feels the same..."

...anyhow. Suffice to say, I searched the legal channels (and one decidedly non-legal channel)--couldn't locate it and wasn't prepared to fork over the cash for a CD that might suck, save for that one song. But now? Now I can sample the entire album (and I'll probably buy the whole damn thing--18 tracks for the price of 10? why not?), buy their latest album and even an iTunes exclusive live session, if I want. It's glorious. And most importantly, I can finally finish this mix, which I'll do as soon as my school obligations are through for the year. This is so exciting. I literally got chills listening to the iTunes sample.

I'm such a dork when it comes to music.



Anonymous said...

Um...who are they?

^kat^ said...

hey, like I said--I don't have the first clue. I just really like that song, and the rest of the album happens to be pretty good, too. www.turinbrakes.com seems a logical place to start. :D

It's more what they represent than who they are, honestly. Fall '03 was a great period of musical discovery for me.

Anonymous said...

hmm...i need to really work on emoting a very "facetious" response in my wording... :p


^kat^ said...

hahahaha... me, in exams right now, not so much cognizant of the world around her, remember???

anyhow, yeah, FRFF. I'm in, so long as my externship allows it, which I think it will--but I want to wait to buy tix till after I meet with my judge for the first time.

I keep hearing that automated clip from Arrested Develompent going, "My Name is Judge" every time I talk about my judicial externship. heh. I miss that show.

Cella Bella said...

I have the album with "summer rain" on it. I don't like it. You can borrow it if you want. They opened for David Grey a few years ago and were awesome live.

^kat^ said...

aww, man... In my over-exuberence, I squandered the last of my iTunes gift card from Christmas on the album myself. Should've gotten the iTunes exclusive live stuff instead. I appreciate the offer, though! You don't happen to have anything by the Envy Corps in your collection, do you...? iTunes seriously needs to get their catalog online, too.