Saturday, April 08, 2006

you don't know what you do to me



Oh. Hello there, reader. Me again, you know, blogging, or whatever the kiddies call it these days.

Not much to report... we had our Wigmore Part Deux party last night, and it was fun, for sure... but already I could feel the closure. I mean, six members of our cast are graduating in a month and they've all got jobs elsewhere pulling them away. (Or, if they're staying in Chicago, they'll be crazy-busy with work and "real life," whatever that is.) What sucks is that just when I feel like I've gotten to know these folks, I've got to say goodbye. I suppose that crappy-ass "reason, season, lifetime" cliche about friendships is more apropos in situations like these than I'd like to give it credit for... but I'm also a highly sentimental person, so a little grieving over the passage of time and related losses is par for the course.


And what's worse? What am I filling the void with? F*cking outlining and exam prep, that's what. Talk about pouring salt on the wound. Pardon me, I must self-flagellate a bit more. Those of you who prefer my whining woe-is-me posts to the cheery life-is-super! entries, you're in luck. Exams start Apr 24, so I'll be bemoaning life any minute now. Just you wait.

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Anonymous said...

ah...there's the ranting/raving kat i know and love :)