Friday, April 14, 2006

hold me, wrap me up

Man, it was beautiful out there today. Like summer! Which is grand, but I'd enjoy a little more "spring" in my April, please. 80 degrees will be lovely in late May; right now, it feels like I blinked and missed something. Fortunately, my desktop weather widget assures me that mid-60 degree days will be back in vogue next week... not that it matters, because I'll be indoors studying for exams. Blah.

You know, studying for my last set of exams was a challenge in and of itself, for many reasons, not the least of which was the whole factor-of-the-unknown thing. I at least have some idea of what I'm up against now... but the weather is SO pretty. I don't want to be inside! I don't wanna! *throws tantrum*

Anyhow. Saw Girlyman and Richard Shindell earlier this week; both great shows. Tomorrow is Peter Mulvey *and* John Vanderslice, then Elbow on Sunday. We had our Habeas Chorus spring concert yesterday and I think it went pretty well--we definitely *sounded* better than ever. FINALLY sang "Both Sides Now" for the first time since October (*sigh*), but got some positive responses from folks afterward, so it's only folks in Habeas that hate the song, I guess. Blargh.

Right. Enough of a study break--back to Con Law.

*bangs head on desk*

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Anonymous said...

you so silly. :p

and Mr. Bill Michalski told me at lunch yesterday that he went to see Girlyman in St. Louis last weekend! Apparently he emailed me info but I never got it :(

Anyway, have lots and lots and lots of fun studying! Hope to see you at FRFF this year!