Sunday, April 30, 2006

something in me almost breaks

Quizno's plays good music.

A year ago (or more? I can't remember) I posted on my ol' webpage (which hasn't been updated in forEVer, my apologies) about hearing Semisonic's "One True Love" on my lunch hour and how it totally made my day. Well, last night I heard Tracy Bonham's "Something Beautiful," which just filled my little heart with joy. GREAT song, and not exactly what you hear on the radio all the time (or is it? I don't really listen to the radio, save for the snippets that wake me up in the morning. Today I got "I Am the Walrus," but Sundays are WXRT's Breakfast with the Beatles, so it wasn't entirely surprising).

Huh. I think more of this post is parenthetical than not. (oh, well.)

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