Monday, June 19, 2006

here's proof: we have suntans

For those of you who don't already subscribe to You Ain't No Picasso, here's the link to John Roderick (of the Long Winters)'s account of Bonnaroo. Now, I love me some Long Winters. I'm very excited for their (his?) next album (Putting the Days to Bed) to come out (July 22!).

But after having read this article? John Roderick is my new hero. I would give a limb (preferably my left arm, the most useless of my limbs) to hang out with him and fellow Barsuk labelmate John Vanderslice, both of whom seem like stand-up awesome human beings and musicians. (Of course, with their both being named John, this might be confusing. Maybe I could invite Flans and Linnell, too, for a whole barrelful of "Huh? No, the OTHER John!" laughs.)

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