Tuesday, June 20, 2006

where the world goes by like the humid air

and a quick quick quickie follow-up post, because I have SO MUCH READING OMG to do tonight:

Most of you have probably already seen the Pitchfork round-up of the 100 best YouTube music vids. I take it as a point of pride that I don't read Pitchfork unless directed there by another website. Fortunately, Stereogum made it easy and compiled a list of the films, so you don't have to scroll past all the embedded clips. Two things:

1) I'm SO glad to see "Ana Ng" on the list. One of us may have made a point of DOING the Ana Ng dance at her first (and second) TMBG shows, much to the chagrin of her fellow concertgoers.

I, uh, won't say which of us that was.

2) I'm SO glad to see David Hasselhoff got his props, too. Ooga chaka indeed, my good man. Check out the comments on his Very Best Of Collection--they know what I'm talking about.


Anonymous said...

theroes abound about the chagrination of concertgoers in regards to the "Ana Ng" dance done at TMBG concerts. After careful study of hundreds of hours of video tape, one cna conclude that while the "ana Ng" dance in it of itself a perfectly harmless and expertly choreographed manuveur, the sheer space needed to perform such a feat would not be possible. the only factor that would be condusive to the "Ana Ng" dance at TMBG shows would be a) no one in town has ever heard of TMBG and therefore would not be in attendance or b) TMBG has been in that town so much that people would skip it believing that they'll just come back the next week and catch them then. in conclusion the execution of the "Ana Ng" dance would not be possible given the amount of space required to perform it.

^kat^ said...

a more concise way of saying this: your flailing arms and stomping feet will get in the way of others.


Anonymous said...

yeah, but it doesn't have that faux intellectual feel to it