Saturday, June 17, 2006

till the Atlantic's dry

Well, hello there.

Just when Trunger gets all excited that I'm updating, like, all the time, I go a week without. To be fair, it's been a relentlessly busy week and I'm going to be spinning my wheels all weekend to catch up, but I hate to disappoint. So, here's what I've been doing:
  • Entertaining friend Sanjida while she stayed with me on Sunday. Highlights included brunch at Bongo Room (mmm lemon ricotta pancakes), Fluevogs (purchased by her, NOT me), the Old Town Arts Fair (? I'm not even sure if this is the correct name for it--we wandered into it purely by chance), and Jill Sobule at Martyr's (SO FUNNY. I've really missed seeing her concerts).

  • Meeting with my judge, doing my class reading, going to class, etc etc. Not the most exciting part of my week, but perhaps the most intense by volume.

  • Dinner with friend Belina on Tuesday at Giordano's. Haven't seen Belina since her graduation in '02, I don't think, so it was great to catch up with her again. Plus, we've got a standing date for martinis at the Kit Kat Club when she returns from her travels in July.

  • Brunch and used cd shopping with friend Bruce on Thursday. Haven't seen him in years, either, despite the fact that we both live in Chicago now. I've not yet had a chance to listen to any of my spoils of the day yet (including 2 new mix cds (yay), old Elvis Costello, Augustana, Doves, Kasey Chambers, a replacement copy of Murmur, and the Afghan Whigs' Gentlemen), but I'm anxious to do so.

Perhaps most distressingly, the Boy (he would prefer to be called "The Man," but I would like to think that I'm not on such intimate terms with The Man, as it were) left for London last night. I've heard from him--he made it there safely, found his dorm, has a phone, etc. Six weeks will fly by, since we're both going to be busy busy busy, but it's hard. I haven't been in a Boy-free Chicago since last August, essentially, and I realize I rely on him for a lot, especially in terms of knowing how to get where and other basic things. Plus, he makes for nice warm snuggling in front of the TV. Sigh. Perhaps if I had a warm snuggly alternative, like a kitty, it wouldn't be so hard... hmm.

Oh, and speaking of small cat-like creatures, I highly recommend Animal Planet's Meerkat Manor series, on Fridays at 7pm in Ye Olde Centrale Time Zonee. They're SO cute, and their interactions really make for a compelling narrative (provided by Sean Astin, of hobbit fame). Plus, it's not like there's anything else you're watching this summer (unless you find Law & Order: SVU reruns as riveting as I do). Also, I can't believe I turned away from the TV for a second and missed Ghana's goal in the first 2 minutes of this game against the Czech Republic. BOO! That'll teach me to turn off World Cup coverage. I'm probably better off not turning it on at all so I don't get sucked in. But soccer is eminently easy to watch, and this game does affect the US's standings, soooo... yeah. Need to knock out some work so I can watch the US/Italy match and not feel guilty about it. So much to do this summer, so little time...

edited to add: ho-leeee crap! 2nd goal for Ghana! Incredible! Why aren't more Americans invested in soccer? It's WAY more fun to watch on TV than football is...


Anonymous said...

...and there was much rejoicing.


anyway, i'd have to disagree about that soccor/football football/soccor thing. I find both equally intresting to watch. I flipped on after Ghana scored and was really riveted to see an underdog kick some butt. I watched the travesty that was the US/Italy game. That ref should so be fired or at least slightly beaten. anyway, back to looking for music to arrange. cheers.

ps. have you seen X3 yet? and Over the Hedge was such a nice movie especially since Ben did all the music and Steve Carell is my hero. btw, wasn't it a little odd to here those alternate lyrics for Rockin' the Suburbs?

^kat^ said...

I guess I like soccer more because the action NEVER stops. It's going, going, going, then it's halftime, then it's going some more. With football, just when things get interesting, the ball goes out of bounds, or hits the ground, the action stops and everything has to be reset. Plus there are a MILLION commercials throughout (entertaining if they're special Superbowl commercials, not so much if they aren't). So I'm Just Not That Into football. But I'm a burgeoning soccer fan. I kind of wish I caught on in time for the last world cup, since I was actually IN Senegal when they beat France... oh, well.

And no, no X3 yet--hope to see it this week. I'm excited. And I agree on both counts re: Ben and Steve, but yeah, alternate Rockin' the Suburbs = weird. I'll take my Quiet Riot any day. It's just what I'm used to.

Anonymous said...

I almost wish I could get into soccer. I can almost see it from a national pride standpoint, but the game itself is just so boring. I enjoyed playing it when I was a youngster, but to watch it... or to play by the rules... not so much. I was watching Mexico v. Iran at the laundromat, and couldn't believe that people could be riveted to a game that went scoreless for 39 minutes.

If I knew the rules a bit better, maybe I could see some of the strategy, but as it stands, I'd rather watch golf. Sports are always best live. I can handle basketball, baseball, and tennis televised, but even with those, I'm really selective and tend to bore easily.