Tuesday, June 06, 2006

she's a runner, rebel and a stunner

Random point no. 1: I would love to get the smell of bacon out of my apartment.

This would, of course, be easier if I stopped cooking bacon every few days as I have been for the past week, but I had a package of (turkey) bacon to use, and after several rounds of BLTs, it has been vanquished at last. The smell is fairly cloying and I know my hair/clothes absorb a little of it, so I'm constantly wary of walking too close to a leashed dog on my jaunts around the city. I've seen those Beggin' Strips commercials. I know what could happen.

Random point no. 2: I might not be able to walk tomorrow.

The Boy and I bicycled up to Evanston and back this morning, which was really fun--I hadn't ever seen the official NU campus, and it's a nice ride, with only a little bit of scary speeding-car street driving to navigate and bike paths/lanes the rest of the way. I was really hurting on the way back, though, and I have a feeling my legs are going to punish me for it over the next 48 hours. I hope not, but since I didn't stretch out afterwards (I KNOW! I suck! but it huuuurts), signs will likely point to yes.

Random point no. 3: I have the best mommy ever.

For serious. Not only did she send a care package with rice krispy treats (the homemade kind, which are a thousand times preferable to the prepackaged kind in stores) and Zours for the Boy (his fave, no longer available at our local Walgreens), but she sent me an email today telling me about her favorite new radio song (it's "Single" by Natasha Bedingfield, fwiw) and lamenting the fact that she's too old to go out clubbing to "dance to rap and hip-hop." hee!

Random point no. 4: One of the books I sold back to the bookstore a month ago is, ironically, required reading for my summer class.

I don't really need to explain this, do I? I'm sure you can hear the *thump* *thump* *thump* of my head against my desk from wherever you are.

Random point no. 5: I got awesome new running shoes on Saturday.

And two sports bras, two pairs of workout shorts (I hadn't purchased workout gear in over four years; I think I'm overdue, particularly given my desire to get in better physical shape this summer), a cute grey hoodie, a versatile black t-shirt, and a shoe wallet (tried it out today with my keys on the bike ride--works like a charm). Now, I need to STOP SHOPPING. Gah.

And finally... I saw Over the Hedge on Saturday, and I totally recommend it. Not only is the soundtrack supplied by my man and yours, Ben Folds (complete with a re-recorded version of Rockin' the Suburbs), but it's very well animated and absolutely hilarious. Seriously, go--and stay through the credits. You'll hear more of Ben's fine tunes, and there's a cute snippet at the end you won't want to miss. Next on the agenda: X3 (without the Boy, because he's not into "that kind of film," whatever that means. Laaaaaame).

(oh! has everyone already heard that there's a new Decemberists album coming this October? Is everyone as psyched as I am? Does anyone know whether Colin and Carson's newborn child turned out to be a boy or a girl? I figured there'd be some announcement about it in this recent newsletter, but nothing. Hm.)

Anyway. All this 6/6/6 crapola is utter nonsense. Today has turned out splendidly. No demons, no hexes, no omens (and no Omen, either--I'm meh on horror films). Of course, there are still 6 more hours to go, but I'm optimistic.


Cella Bella said...

Random Response No. 1: YOU NEED TO STRETCH! The more you do it, the better it will feel and the more flexy you will get and the easier it will be.

Random Response No. 2: Why can't your mom go clubbin? At my cousin's wedding this weekend I danced with my grandma to Baby Got Back. No. For Reals. I shook my butt in my grandma's face (cuz she's only 4' 11) and she turned around a shook back.

Random Response No. 3: As soon as I move into the new apt, you come work out with me and then afterwards WE WILL STRETCH. Because you liiiiike it, you liiiike it!

^kat^ said...

yaaaaay new apt! Okay. With a Cella-approved stretching regimen, I'm sure I can force my tired limbs to comply. I will liiiiike it, I prommmisssse.

And I think my mom can't go clubbin' because the joints in her neck of the woods are overrun with playas and posers. But I'll tell her to practice her moves just the same.