Wednesday, June 07, 2006

it's gonna be a glorious day

Today is my lucky day!

For serious! Not only is it gorgeous outside AND I'm having the best sushi in the city this evening, but when I realized I forgot to pack a can of soda in my lunch to take to school (yeah, summer session started, but today was only the first class, so nothing overwhelming), I walked to the machine in our school cafe... and there was a can of Diet Pepsi wedged in the vending slot, still cold, so it must've fallen only moments before. FREE SODA! I remember Cella had the hookup to double cans of soda from a machine first semester, but I never had such luck myself. UNTIL TODAY!

Lucky me! hooray! It really takes so little to bring me such joy. Sunshine. A smile on a child's face. Free soda. Fluevogs. FREE Fluevogs. You know. The simple things.

Now, back to work (but LUCKY work! or, at least, I can pretend it is...)


The Namby Pamby said...

so what do you consider the best sushi in the city?

^kat^ said...

In my book, it's Agami, off the Lawrence Red Line stop (not too far from the Aragon, which is how I discovered it by chance post-concert last December). Spicy tuna is my favorite maki by far, and their spicy tuna (and salmon) are outstanding. Huge chunks of fish, tangy sauce, and a spiciness that warms your mouth pleasantly even after the bite is gone. I also like it because miso soup and salad are included in the price of the sushi entree, which isn't the case in a lot of the restaurants around here. It's a pain that it's so far uptown, but it's worth the trip, imho.