Thursday, June 08, 2006

somewhere a clock is ticking

...but if you ask for whom its bell tolls, it tolls not for thee: just got an email from Ticketmaster saying that the Snow Patrol show on Saturday has been "postponed." The lead singer has been having vocal problems, so it's not completely surprising, but then there's a list in the email of how I can get a "refund." What if I don't want a refund? What if I just want tickets to see them whenever they come back to town? Can these tickets I have in hand be honored? It's a friggin' sold out show--if I have to re-buy the damn things I'm going to be immensely peeved, particularly since the TicketBastard "processing fee" can't be refunded on this original set.

if this were a journal that could indicate such things, I would set my mood to "annoyed." But it's not, so you'll just have to guess how I feel at this very moment. Go on, guess. See? You're good at this game!


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ooh! ooh! we have a winner!