Sunday, April 08, 2007

birds, snakes and aeroplanes

Happy Easter, dear reader! It's 32 degrees here and the forecast says hail. Awesome weather for an egg hunt! Sigh.

Not much to report on this end--busier than ever, as deadlines loom--and I'm supposed to be doing laundry right now. But after a much-later-than-anticipated evening out last night (ahh, Wigmore), I'm finding it hard to get inspired to be productive. Meh.

I did want to report that I procured the new Modest Mouse and new Kaiser Chiefs, though I've only had time to listen to the former. It, however, is awesome, and I saw the "Dashboard" video at the gym yesterday--SO great. I'm glad more of my favorite bands are adopting a nautical theme (see also Decemberists, supra). Check it out:

Finally, what the hell, people: why won't DJs play "It's the End of the World as We Know It"? Who doesn't love that song? I've been thwarted at two different bars for two saturdays in a row, and I won't stand for it anymore. Michael, Mike and I will take our beer tab elsewhere. Harrumph.

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Anonymous said...

The DJ is ok with losing your business. As long as he keeps Peter Buck's business.