Tuesday, April 10, 2007

repeating your name

So, I'm going to see the Kaiser Chiefs next week.

For free.


I always fill out those little contests that the JamUSA promotional emails have in them ("Win two tickets to see [insert artist here]!"), assuming it's an artist I like. Most of the time I've already purchased tickers to the show, so even if I won, I'm not sure what I'd do with the tickets. I decided against buying the Kaiser Chiefs tix back when they went onsale because I'd just bought a fistful of Decemberists tix and was feeling the pressure in my bank account. I've lately been reconsidering my lack of faith because their new album? SO GOOD. Still hadn't gotten around to taking the plunge, though, when lo and behold--I get an email telling me I won the contest! hooray! So now yours truly (and a +1) is on the Jam Web Promotions guestlist for the show next Friday night at the Vic. RAWK, I repeat.

...though now I'm not going to win anything for, like, another four years. Case in point: I won a CD from WOXY in 2003, and a TV in 1999.

Oh, and a circular saw in 1998. But that was a one-off, I think.

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