Wednesday, April 04, 2007

unlimited repairs

whoa, it's a posting rampage!

But this? is why I LOVE John Vanderslice. The nicest man in indie rock, hands down:

"If you'd like to sing LEAD VOCALS on a song, please find us before the show and we'll bring you onstage. Try to learn two songs in case we don't know your first choice. If you want to PLAY BASS, bring it (don't worry about the amp) and learn either 424 or My Old Flame. It'll be a free for all."

Too bad I'll be in NY when he's at Schuba's on Apr. 13, or I'd be all over "Promising Actress." Sigh.


Unknown said...

DWD..when are you not in NY?!?

Anonymous said...

Am I reading that right? Does "in case we don't know your first choice" imply that they aren't just talking about their own songs? I mean, if I wanted to sing "Jessie's Girl" or "Mama Tried," they'd be open to that?

^kat^ said...

I think it actually means if his band doesn't know how to play one of his old songs--he's got a pretty big catalog. But who knows? He's so goodnatured he'd probably acquiesce to people singing whatever.