Sunday, April 22, 2007

ruby ruby ruby ruby

Two nights, two (indie) rock stars stagediving right over/into me.

Except where Thursday night I kinda-sorta-never-really was in contact with said rock star, Friday? I got an armful of sweaty Kaiser Chief frontman. I knew the whole time he was leaping around the stage that he was eventually going to dive off, and sure enough--right in the middle of their next-to-last-song, he plummeted face-first off the stage and was ushered along the sea of people toward the back of the theater.

Except the Vic has levels, lots of them, so he was headed right for me, in the second row of the first level up, having wormed my way forward. Me, and the EIGHT HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS standing around me. I could see a look of genuine terror in his eyes as he got closer, realizing that there was nobody in this little section of the crowd with more than 50 lbs of upper-arm strength (and, um, that would be ME and my awesome bench-press skillz. phear!). Worse, the girls saw him coming and FLED BACKWARD. NO KIDDING. A potential for first-hand contact with the lead singer, and you RUN? Kids these days!

So, now it's just me standing there, and I'm doing my best to prop him up and keep him from going head-down onto the concrete. Thankfully (and quick-wittedly, though I'm fairly certain I was yelling for him at that point), the Boy rushes in from a couple rows behind and single-handedly gets Ricky up on the railing in front of us so he can introduce the band. The sold-out crowd is going wild! The lead singer is standing right above us, clutching the Boy's head for support! wooooo! (To Ricky's credit, he did seem genuinely grateful for the Boy's assistance. Those nice British lads.)

The funniest part? Afterward, the girls were all, "I almost touched him!" "Oooh!" YEAH. YOU COULD HAVE HELPED. Geez.

Anyway, the Kaiser Chiefs were incredible--SO much energy, so much fun. I've paid good money for shows that were far less entertaining.

...and then I slept till 2pm the next day. Thank you, 3-3am nights spent with a trip-to-Egypt paper (it actually DOES end, contrary to the fatalistic viewpoint expressed in the previous post). Now, just 3 little old exams to take, and 2L year is naught but a memory. Shoot, but where does the time go?


Rent60 said...
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Rent60 said...

I thought of you the other day when Jian played Ruby on 'Q'. I should really invest in the Kaiser Chiefs whole album rather than just playing the one song off of your ExRec every so often.