Saturday, July 08, 2006

everybody said to say 'hi'

I'm cultivating a lot of not-so-useful skills. Not only am I a first-rate spotter of Yalies on cable (per Supermarj), but I've also got my spidey music sense trained on cable commercials, as well. Project Runway Season 3 promos are employing Mellowdrone's "Oh My," which would be great exposure for them, I think, if anyone knew who it was. Likewise, Bleu's "Get Up" is enjoying second life in Chili's new promotion for individualized burger toppings. I need to get that song into iTunes so I can recreate 2003's Singles/B-sides in playlist form.

What can I say? It's a gift... and a curse.



Anonymous said...

you should so do a mix of songs that have been in commercials! there have been a bunch where i'm like "hey, i know that song! it was on exrec! that is really neat!"

Anonymous said...


I've left you like 3 comments over on LJ, because I forget you're not really there. Maybe you could check them? And I'll do my best to comment here in the future. :D

supermarj said...

or you could do a mix of songs in grey's anatomy...oh yeah, you already did! :P hee. well, maybe i need to see past two episodes before i can really make that claim.