Friday, July 07, 2006

they said it was a weather balloon

So, I'm watching an old episode of X-Files on TNT. I'm not sure I've even seen any since it went off the air... but off the top of my head, here are a couple observations:

1) David Duchovny? SO hot.

2) Huge ancient cell phones? SO funny.

3) Mulder and Scully? SO GOOD TOGETHER.

Honestly. She was going off about some scientific REM-stage sleep disorder and he immediately countered with an illustrated history text describing succubi, and it's exactly the rapport that made this show so great. They're both intense but in complementary ways, and I really think I like the old episodes better, when the tension was there between them but before all the silly sap about her having his baby (right? I can barely remember now) and them ending up together, blah blah. It really was a terrific TV series, and one of the few that my mom loved passionately that didn't get cancelled right away (see Twin Peaks, Eerie Indiana, American Gothic, etc etc--she really did have the kiss of death there for awhile. It must have left her, though, or Hope and Faith wouldn't still be on the air).

Anyway. I've been known to dabble in sci-fi/fantasy/horror genre entertainment, and this series really hit all three (though I could have done with a little less conspiracy-theorizing from time to time). Maybe I'll stay up and watch the next episode coming on...

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