Monday, July 31, 2006

on a vacation far away

Man oh man. It is really freaking hot outside (my weather widget says a high of 100º today and tomorrow, but it tends to overstate things slightly). Today it's no big deal because I don't have to go into court, but tomorrow I'm going to have to choose my biz cas carefully. Yikes.

I had a minor freakout this morning when I logged into the OCI bidding system and saw that I had no scheduled interviews. I thought, "omg! My summer job survey didn't go through! I somehow failed to rank my bids, even though I'm fairly sure that's not possible! I'm screwed I'm screwed I'm screwed" and immediately called the Career Center... only to discover that in one of their multitudinous emails they changed the date we receive our bids from Monday at 9 am to Wednesday, time TBA.

Oh. Well, then.

So, I don't get my OCI results today. I don't get the results of my class bids, either, though I'm a little less concerned about that (apparantly the bidding software needs more tweaking and practice runs before they run it for real--no comment about what higher-priority projects the programmers might have been squandering their summer on thus far). What I do get is a day of busting my ass to get my presentation for my summer class in order--hard to believe the final class is Wednesday. I'm also planning on hitting up Superman Returns this evening at long last w/ the Boy, who is safely home and re-established in his apartment (the subletter left the place in nice condition! it's a miracle!). He was a good sport and came with me to see Pirates of the Caribbean II on Saturday, though I don't think I'll trick him into seeing PotC III whenever it arrives, as he kind of hated it. I thought it was fun, but a) toooo long (how many Kraken fight scenes do we really need?) and b) way too "middle movie of a trilogy," in that NOTHING was resolved at the end in favor of a cliffhanger for the third part. You had two and a half hours, but you couldn't wrap up a plot line or two? Sheesh. Still, I do love me some Depp (Orlando's bloom is starting to fade somewhat (and I swear I didn't intend that statement to be punny, but punny it is)), and Keira Knightley's character kicks major ass. I'm glad to see a female lead who doesn't just eek and scream and let the boys rescue her, but rather wields sword(s) and kills baddies all by her lonesome. Awesome.

Anyway, back to work. I'm trying hard not to get all adrenaline-y about anything else happening this week--maybe lunch would help. I've never been able to understand people who forget to eat when they're under stress, but I've suddenly turned into that person. Blarg.

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Anonymous said...

PoCII: best part was the last fite scene on the island. that whole depp jumping into the kraken's mouth. could've done w/o

btw, if we were playing that degrees of seperation thing...i'm only one away from him (ie. i knew a person who worked with him on a tv show 21 jump street)