Monday, July 17, 2006

i'm just chasing time again

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh CI.

I finally got down to proverbial brass tacks today and started figuring out what firms I might want to bid on and where in the list I might want to rank them, and after a couple of hours it gave me the same damn headache that the editing portion of the journal competition did so many weeks ago. It's SO HARD to figure out--and honestly, when it comes down to it, I'm just going to get a random assortment anyway, so I shouldn't be stressing so much. But there are a couple firms I'm starting to discover that I'm really interested in, so I guess I rank those high and hope the rest of it sorts itself out?

I've actually ranked *a* firm, though. Hooray! One out of fifty bids used! I'm almost there!

Anyway, the other source of joy in my life, bidding for fall semester classes, goes live in, well, a matter of hours now that it's after midnight. Here, too, I'm unsure, because it seems like most of the classes I'm interested in don't fill up... but I'm not positive. And if I lowball all my bids, what exactly am I saving my points for in the spring? Gah. I don't think I'm doing the ITA (er, "Introduction to Trial Advocacy," for my non-law-school pals) package this fall, and that's probably where a lot of 2L points are headed... but I'm not sure if I either want to a) wait and do the package fall of '07, or b) abandon the package (and the extra stress, frustration, and 3.5 additional credits it provides) in favor of a DIY-ITA "package" cobbled together from its disparate parts.

The plus side: the Trial Ad class in the spring is taught by a judge! The neg side: if I'm seriously thinking about pursuing litigation, shouldn't I be sucking it up and taking the class that immerses you in it, hands-on (and that's rumored to be "such a good experience," though I've yet to come across anyone who actually liked it)?

eh. Forget it. It's late, I'm tired, and none of this really matters right now. Just musing out loud, or out-typed, or whatever. Hope your respective Sundays were filled with more delightful matters than these.


Gossipgirl said...

I spent 10 hours bidding for firms in one day. I wanted to cry in fustration. Two days later I went back and changed half of them. Yeah. My rec for bidding - Obviously bid the firms you know you want higher. Which in my case were like 5. Which of course you should do for all of them, but I'm sure there are lots that you don't have a preferences among. Bid all the firms that you just have an interest in based on how many slots are open - if for example a firm has lots of slots, bid them lower than a firm with fewer slots. This maximizes the amount of interviews you will do (I did 40ish so I should know). That was just my plan as I knew crap about firms. Feel free to email me with opinions on firms and I can send you what I know...

Anonymous said...

Don't completely understand the bidding on courses process(or bidding on law firms) but I'm sure it will all become clear in the "fullness of time" as someone used to like to say.

As a diversion, have you heard of these guys?
Maybe you even know them, they are fellow Yale-es (or -ers or whatever you cool kids call yourselves these days):-)