Monday, July 10, 2006

with just a cat and a book by her side

I've been looking at kittie porn again.

*sigh* which I mean I hit with a search for "birman cat," then gaze fondly at the results and wish fervently that I could have a Foxy-twin of my very own. My apartment allows cats (though I'd probably have to pay more in rent), but I'd just feel bad leaving an animal alone all day. TWO cats are better than one, so the little furry friend isn't by herself all the time, but that just makes the issue twice as complicated. Plus I don't know for sure whether I'll be in Chicago next summer, and vacations are harder when you have a pet, not to mention the fact that I've got a glorified studio and as much as I love the good parts of pet ownership (warmth, cuddling, companionship), I'm not sure I'm really ready for the bad (cat hair, clawed furniture, chewed plants, did I mention cat hair?).

But look at those pictures! Who doesn't love a Birman? With their denim-blue eyes and their cute little Zoolander expressions--it's like they were born doing Blue Steel. I fully intend on populating my dwelling with cats someday (and a Birman or two will assuredly be amongst them), but my crazy cat lady-ship will have to wait a few more years, unfortunately.

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