Tuesday, July 18, 2006

keep it to yourself

I just saw a guy walking down the street listening to a CD player. Whoa, dude. Must be anachronism day, eh?

Anyway. What I'm really here to post about is a reminder of this:

Fountains of Wayne on PBS's SoundStage this Thursday, July 20!
If you're in the Chicago area, it's on at 9pm. If you're not, check the SoundStage website for your local listings, as it's nationally syndicated. And don't forget to look for an ecstatic redhead in the hoi polloi who, on Oct. 11, 2005, made a pilgrimage north to WTTW HQ to be a part of the LIVE STUDIO AUDIENCE OMG and who has had to wait until now to see the final product of that evening.

And no, the All-American Rejects were not there that night. Yes, Fountains of Wayne taped enough songs to fill their very own hour-long broadcast. Yes, I'm disappointed that they don't get the whole hour to themselves. But hopefully we'll get something other than three different renditions of "Stacy's Mom" (which is how many times they ran through it in an attempt to get a clean take).

Oh, and FYI: I'm going to be out of town this weekend, so it might be quiet 'round these parts. I recommend getting outside and enjoying the weather, as this monstrous heat is supposed to break by Saturday (hooray!).


Anonymous said...

I think I saw that guy! Except she was a girl.

Anonymous said...

Funny... I could've sworn FRFF was the last weekend in July. Silly me. Have a good time, and say hi to Mom and Dad for me. :-)

supermarj said...

sigh, i've been listening to a cd player for the last few months since my ipod died. especially in seattle, it makes me feel sooo unhip. good thing i have my headphones on and can't hear when people laugh at me.