Monday, July 24, 2006

life may never be as sweet again

This is going to be a mish-mash post, because I've been gone ages and ages, a long long time in Intarweb Hours (in actuality, four days) and have much to catch up. First and foremost: Vote for Foxy! She's one of the finalists in the Stuff on My Cat first anniversary contest, and while she's probably not going to win, I'd feel better knowing she has more than, well, zero percent of the vote. Plus, my beautiful pretty kitty has been featured on a nationally reknown cat website! If only her party hat were a little larger... and if only another cat a few photos down hadn't had the same idea, only with Malibu. And you KNOW how I feel about Malibu. Ick. Anyway, the voting closes Tuesday night, so vote now!

Let's move on to bullets for the rest of it:
  • Oh, dear. This breaks my heart. You were so, so cute in Empire Records, and I was one of five of us who watched Freakylinks. I swear, I'm generally pretty generous about body image--so what if a star puts on a few pounds? But see, you were really cute. And now... you're Paul Giamatti. Please, please, please, fix it.
  • Did anyone catch Fountains of Wayne last weekend? I just watched my tape, and while I'm miffed they got short shrift (those credits started with 5 minutes left in the hour, and their "half" didn't begin till the 32-minute mark), the editing was pretty sharp. It's amazing how big they make those studio audiences look, when in actuality, they... aren't. My cable reception's not great, so maybe those of you blessed with digital cable can pick faces out of the shadows a little better, but it's really hard to see me--and I actually know where to look. Short of watching the show with you and pointing me out, you're not likely to notice. My national television debut will have to wait, I suppose.
  • My face is really freaking sunburned. I can feel the basal cell carcinoma forming now, not to mention the additional wrinkles for which I've now laid the groundwork. I know better, I do, but after being cold and wet for much of the prior 36 hours, the Sunday afternoon sun just felt SO good... warm and dry... yeah. My nose is actually lightly blistered. I'm an idiot, and I know better. However...
  • ...does having a sunburn make you more approachable? Because the guy at the airport gate in Albany tried to flirt with me, BOTH sets of old security men at the Dirksen building struck up conversations today, and some dude sitting next to me at Panera started talking to me about how healthy my salad looked. NOTHING has changed about me or my routine, so I can only assume that my sunburn makes me look less pale/withdrawn and more friendly or open (or, at the very least, "outdoorsy"). All I know is that in a couple days, when my nose (and scalp, oh god... I swear it's not dandruff, but it's gonna look like hell) starts peeling, I'm not gonna be so cute. Enjoy it now, fellas.

So, that about covers it, I suppose. Oh, yeah, and my little trip? Wonderful. Expect to hear more about Winterpills soon, a new musical find whose CD is currently en route to Ohio because it remained in my mother's purse after I left (*grumble*). I love the new location, for the most part, and it was great seeing my extended FRFF-family again. And, as predicted, the torrential rains, mud, and chilly late-night drizzle have already faded into memory, and all I can remember are the friends, the sunshine, and the songs drifting over the hillside and up into the atmosphere.

And oh, the stars. I'd forgotten how brightly they shine when you're not trapped within skyscrapers and asphalt. It's good to know they're still there, a reminder that there are things much, much greater than me out there. Puts all the little stuff into a bit of much-needed perspective.


frillgirl said...

I cast my vote for Foxy!! :)

Anonymous said...

The Reilly picture makes me miss my old cd player.

I'd have to say that it depends on the person and the sunburn. I mean, when I burned in April, I got nothin'.

supermarj said...

Damn the man!
I can't believe that happened to Ethan Embry! He can still change back, right?

Glad you got to see the stars :)