Wednesday, July 26, 2006

we're breaking you down

Quickie post because I'm back to ranking firms for OCI, and it's a pain in my ass. On the plus side, I'm doing so wirelessly--go me! My apartment has tumbled unceremoniously into the 21st century! However, my PowerBook is refusing to allow me to log onto my secure network via WEP, but my wireless cards for my 2 PCs aren't advanced enough to handle WPA, so I'm in a bit of a bind in terms of getting all my beasts of technological burden online. I'll fuss with it some more once this maddening week is over (ranking OCI firms *and* bidding for classes all at once? the administration wants us to kill ourselves, I think)--the solution is, of course, to get my beloved tawny gypsy mac to cooperate with the WEP key, but I tried and tried and tried last night, and nothing doing. Anyone with any suggestions can feel free to chime in, or just smile and nod if all this is too tech-y (heaven knows I didn't know the first thing about any of this 24 hours ago).

Anyway, I know at least one of my readers is freshly-bar-exam'd, so Gossipgirl, congratulations on surviving! I hope you're getting good and hammered right now. I ran into a (formerly-) 3L friend of mine on her lunch break from the Bar today and her only words of wisdom were for me to drop out of school now, because "It sucks. Seriously. It SUCKS." Good advice, I'm sure, but it's too late now for me, I'm afraid.

Oh, and for those of you keeping track, the six weeks in London conclude this Friday and the Boy is coming home. hooray! We're seeing Guster/Ray Lamontagne/Rogue Wave to celebrate (pleasepleaseplease let his plane arrive on time), but it's only the beginning of a very concert-rich two months, including TMBG, the Cardigans, the aforementioned Mr. Stevens, Keane/Razorlight, hopefully Girlyman, and others I'm sure I'm forgetting. With the Decemberists and the Long Winters both coming to town later on (November?), this fall promises to be as rich a concert season as last fall was.

edited to add: apparantly the Cardigans tour is cancelled for BUDGET reasons. Good thing Ticketmaster gets to keep my service charges so I have the pleasure of paying for the privilege not to see the concert. *sigh*

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